Patriot Day is a time of reflection for this country when we honor the individuals who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Officially known as the National Day of Service and Remembrance, this September 11th anniversary will see DSI Security celebrate the memory of the hundreds of brave first-responders who, despite unprecedented adversity, took their duty to heroic heights.

DSI remembers the service and sacrifice of the many 9-11 first responders who paid the ultimate price in the name of security, duty and love for their fellow man,” said Marty Clark, President of DSI Security Services. “From coast to coast, our dedicated professionals honor them as protectors and patriots, as well as fallen friends.”

Nearly 300 security officers were killed on 9-11, according to The International Foundation for Protection Officers. An NYSE security officer is credited with helping to save more than 100 people on that tragic day. DSI Security lives by the motto of “Do What You Say You’ll Do”, which matters most when life and property are threatened. We also know the meaning of “to protect and to serve” from more than 50 years ago when Sheriff A.B. Clark founded the company.

Remembrance obviously connects us to the past, but it can also inspire our course into the future. By remembering the 9-11 first responders on Patriot Day, we not only salute their incredible sacrifice, but we also recognize the enduring values of security and opportunity these men and women courageously worked to preserve and that we pledge to carry on.