In the Covid-19 world, security guards have often been tasked with making sure health guidelines are met by those entering commercial buildings.  Those screenings make sense, but place an extra burden on manned security whose attention could be better utilized elsewhere.

DSI Security Services has found a solution to that problem in Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD).  DSI is now offering RAD’s Wally HSO (Health Screening Option), an automated alternative to manned security screenings.  Wally HSO is an artificial intelligence driven solution that is capable of handling security, concierge and health screening tasks that would otherwise fall to security officers.

The system is self-contained, with WiFi and cellular capabilities, 180 degree cameras and a large information screen.  Wally HSO can conduct temperature checks, credential validation, access control and even check to ensure face-mask usage.  The system can also begin the process of screening before an employee leaves home using a simple questionnaire.  It allows companies to meet CDC, FDA and WHO health screening guidelines and recommendations with one installation.

Screenings are performed in a non-touch and non-confrontational manner that makes the system an attractive option for employees as well.  The screening process encourages and reinforces employee responsibility, checks compliance and creates digital records for contact tracing.

Mounting Wally HSO is a simple procedure and it requires no hard-wired network connections.  Instead it relies on an enhanced cellular connection or WiFi for cloud access.  Data and video collected by Wally HSO is stored securely and is fully HIPAA-compliant.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic continues and companies across North America are searching for responsible and affordable solutions to ensure the health and policy adherence of all employees and visitors as they enter their corporate facilities,” said Steve Reinharz, President of RAD.  The addition of Wally HSO to the list of options provided by DSI Security Services gives clients an economical and effective solution.  It’s another great tool to help ensure that the best health safety protocols are followed in this challenging environment.

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