A security program built on solid risk management principles is no longer just for select business or industries. All organizations are in need of some level of security regardless of their size or public profile so the real question becomes: what are the benefits of partnering with a competent Total Security Solutions partner in today’s ever changing risk landscape?  While some environments may only require a basic level of staff training and security controls, many others many need a more comprehensive security strategy that can often be better implemented and maintained by a professional security service with relevant and timely knowledge on how to implement and maintain an effective program that focuses on the basics of physical security:

In our previous post on security as a business concern, we mentioned that security is about more than just locking the doors and making sure the alarm is set.  A good program goes beyond that, making sure that the program is properly staffed, security personnel are properly trained, and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

In 2021, there are also a multitude of proven, and emerging, technology that can accomplish the goal of a comprehensive security program with a mix of highly trained personnel, and electronic countermeasures.  In the current national, and global, threat environment, it is imperative that end-user’s partner with a “total” solutions provider- not just a security staffing agency.   A Professional security service should be able to leverage Autonomous Response, Artificial Intelligence, and continually reevaluate the needs of the property and how best to mitigate threats.

And when it comes to hiring quality security personnel, in the current environment it is a challenge even for security clients themselves much less trying to staff positions that are not within their normal scope. Simply staffing a 24-hour schedule and covering time off means the need for full time, part time, and often fill-in or flex officers. Growth, seasonal activity spikes and other factors may require even more support.

Hiring, training, equipping, and retaining even a few security officers can be time consuming and distract from a business’ primary mission. Partnering with a professional security service relieves this burden and allows a business to focus on what they do best.

It’s not just about meeting objective requirements on paper.  A security officer will often be the first impression anyone gets when entering the building and the last contact when someone leaves.  Security professionals understand the importance of this interaction and officers are trained in customer service as well as the security aspects of their role.

The balancing act of appropriate protection is one that keeps people and assets safe but does not hinder business operations.  An unnecessarily strict program can result in employees feeling too limited and visitors feeling unwelcome.  Employees may also find ways to circumvent protocols that are too cumbersome or overly complicated, defeating the purpose entirely. Partnering with a professional security provider gives businesses access to their specialized experience and can help a business to create a plan that strikes the right balance between feasibility and security.

The outside perspective and experience of a security provider can provide critical insight into areas of weakness or room for improvement.  A security provider may recommend updated technology like cameras, sensors or automated devices like we discussed in our recent post on DSI’s partnership with Robotic Assistance Devices. New technology can significantly enhance the security posture.  Creating a secure working environment is about more than simply providing officers for access control and patrols.  Ideally, there should be a partnership between a business and the security provider that helps create a more secure environment in a more general sense.

When an adverse incident occurs, it is critical that the issue is handled quickly and well, particularly if violence is involved.  Officers are trained to act as a deterrent to bad behavior and to react and get help when incidents occur.  Regular training comes into play by equipping officers with the information needed to respond quickly and appropriately.  Many incidents can be resolved without further assistance, but if not, officers are prepared to quickly contact authorities and handle the issue as best they can until help arrives. The fast response of a trained professional helps to limit damage or injury and can allow business to resume operations as quickly as possible.

Security is important for a business, not only to protect property and personnel but also to help employees and customers feel safe and welcomed.  Designing, staffing, and managing an effective security program can be a formidable task. We hope this article has provided some insight into reasons why many businesses choose a to partner with a professional security service that can be a total solutions provider.