DSI Security Services and the Clark family are proud to recognize the addition of Deavours Clark to the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Deavours has a 12 year history of serving Dothan and the Houston County area.  The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in local economic development, helping to create over 17,000 jobs and enable over $34 million in infrastructure investment over the last 20 years.  The organization is composed of over 950 Dothan area business professionals dedicated to advancing the commercial, financial, civic, agricultural, industrial and general interests of the community.

Deavours’ dedication to bolstering the economic and employment outlook in the Dothan area mirrors the Chamber’s mission, “to serve as a catalyst for business and community development in the tri-state area.”  Please join us in congratulating Deavours and wishing him well in his new role as member of the board.