Businesses that are 51% owned and whose day to day operations are managed by a woman or women are eligible to apply for the Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification. The certification is not only a source of pride and confirmation for women business owners, but also an important distinction that many customers look for. DSI Security Services has had this certification for many years with Marty Clark at the helm.

Marty, owner and President of DSI, was recently informed by Lance Mitchell, Director of Certification & Sourcing for Women’s Business Enterprise Council South, of a further distinction that her company has achieved. Following the sale of another Alabama company to a larger organization, DSI is now the largest WBE employer in the state.

“Becoming the largest WBE employer in Alabama is a great validation of both the value of diversity and of DSI’s strength in the protection market,” says Marty. “It also reinforces the value of the WBE certification, which gives us yet another benefit to offer prospective partners.” Large corporations are increasingly demonstrating a sustained commitment to the inclusion of women-owned businesses in their supply chains.

DSI Security Services joins over 200 WBE certified organizations in Alabama. Milo’s Tea Company, Inc., ES Robbins Corp., Cottondale Wood Products, Mesa Associates, Inc. and Thompson Tractor Company, Inc. are just some of the major WBE businesses in the state. The success under Marty’s leadership is a fitting testament to the value of diversity that both DSI and WBE seek to promote.