Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) continues to make significant advancements in the autonomous devices segment of the security industry.  The latest example came at the GSX 2022 in Atlanta, where 30 pre-orders were received for the upcoming RIO device.  In an exhibition hall dominated by technology, RIO stood above the crowd.

RIO, or ROSA Independent Observatory, is a portable autonomous observation post designed to enhance protection in areas that would otherwise be difficult to monitor.  Built with portability and ease of use in mind, the device can be set up in as little as 30 minutes.  Solar panels connected to on-board battery storage along with cellular connectivity mean that it is truly capable of 24/7 performance nearly anywhere and requires no infrastructure to operate.

Autonomous monitoring comes from one or two ROSA devices sitting atop the 19’ mast for either a 180-degree or 360-degree field of view.  The Responsive Observation Security Agent (ROSA) is a supplemental security device that incorporates leading edge AI-driven security analytics to recognize and deter common security threats.  

ROSA is capable of detecting humans, firearms, vehicles and license plate numbers and reacting appropriately.  The device can be configured to trigger visual and audible warnings and to alert security personnel via cellular connectivity when a threat is detected.  Best of all, the setup and deployment of ROSA is simple and requires no IT involvement or infrastructure expediture.

Incorporating ROSA into the extremely portable RIO platform is an ideal solution to the pressing problem of staff shortages facing security providers.  In fact, it is in response to customer requests that RIO was first envisioned.  The device is unique in combining a tower platform with autonomous capabilities.  

By incorporating autonomous devices as additional “eyes and ears,” security providers are able to effectively protect a larger area with fewer personnel.  As Mark Folmer, CPP, President of RAD, puts it, “take some of the basic functions done by security officers and have robots do it.”  Officers can then be redeployed to more critical roles.

The successful launch of RIO and the number of pre-orders that were received at GSX prove that RAD is on the right track with their device development.