Corena McNeil and Bridget Faria

Two dedicated DSI Security Services team members in California have recently received well-deserved praise from a satisfied client. Corena McNeil, Operations Manager, and Bridget Faria, Account Manager, were praised for their dedication and hard work at C&S Wholesale Grocers in Stockton and Sacramento. Eric Jacobson, Senior Manager of Transportation for C&S in the West Coast Region, commended both team members for their ongoing attention and commitment to process improvement.

Security management at a wholesale distribution yard can be challenging, but Corena and Bridget have been up to the task. They have committed themselves to establish a partnership with the Transportation team at C&S and to continuously improving the security operations. Corena noted that working closely with Eric gave her the skills to return to the team and implement change, which set new operating standards.

Particularly noteworthy in Corena and Bridget’s tenure at C&S has been the successful transition from Yardview to C3 Yard Management Software. Getting the team up to speed on the new tools while maintaining protection for both distribution points was a formidable task, but the team responded admirably. Eric Jacobson said Corena and Bridget were the shining stars of the project and provided valuable input and feedback.

Eric wraps up his commendation with his overall satisfaction with Corena and Bridget’s performance, stating, “The officers play a crucial role in inbounding and outbounding trailers with accurate data, this is the best performance I’ve seen in my five years at C&S Stockton.”

We all at DSI Security Services echo Eric’s thoughts – Well Done!