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Augmented Security: Adapting Coverage for the Modern Landscape

How Creative Thinking and Innovative Options Can Solve Staffing Challenges

As staffing continues to prove a challenge, augmented security will be a central approach to maintaining strong coverage.

Learn more about why that is, in this exclusive white paper from David Crow.

About David Crow

Creativity and Innovation for Customized Security Solutions
DSI Welcomes New Regional Sales Director David Crow

A Pro with Perspective

  • Education in accounting
  • 27 years as an integrated practitioner of the security and applied loss prevention dynamics
  • Passion for outside-the-box thinking
  • 20 years of logistic/supply chain as well as Class A and corporate support center
  • Law enforcement experience
  • Specialist in augmented security
  • Various senior roles at top security companies
David Crow

Manpower Meets Technology

In the Southeast, DSI Security Services is one of the best-kept secrets.

The family-owned and operated firm, known for its “Do What You Say You Will Do” philosophy, accommodates a wide range of clients in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia. Gained primarily via word of mouth, these customers have experienced the diligent and dynamic services of the DSI team.

But as staffing challenges mount and technology continues to take a front seat in the art and science of security, DSI is excited to announce the hiring of David Crow as its Regional Sales Director in the area.

DSI Security Services is a full-service security solutions firm offering uniformed security, technology solutions, and consulting services to help its customers achieve comprehensive security.

DSI has a Nationwide Footprint for Services
from California to Virginia Beach.

“It isn’t just about installing cameras or hiring a new officer for the front lobby. I want to understand you, your company, your employees, your visitors—your culture. What are the core values? What is important to make everyone feel safe and comfortable in completing the tasks for which they are there?”

David Crow, DSI Regional Sales Director