Once a candidate has been identified who has been determined to be A) qualified for the position and B) is a match with the requirements of the post assignment and the dimensions of the customer culture, a tentative offer of employment will be made, subject to an intensive background screening process. DSI Security’s screening process includes a multiple-phase interview, a comprehensive background investigation and drug testing as outlined below:

Candidate applies for a position and is pre-screened by members of Management to ensure minimum standards are met:

Minimum Age criteria (18 years of age)

U.S. citizenship

Possesses at least High School Diploma or GED

Stable work history

Acceptable background to meet contract requirements

Reliable means of Communication and Transportation

Candidate completes comprehensive application and is interviewed by a Human Resources Manager.

Communication skills – written, verbal and non-verbal

Ability to meet client culture requirements based on employee profile

Customer Service orientation

Employment reference check

7 year criminal history performed using state and local resources

7 year criminal history performed by contracted background screening company

Social Security number verified

Drug testing completed

Driving record checked